“I just don’t want to get hit, that’s all. I want to win without getting hit.”

Royce Gracie

On Tuesday night I attended a Professor Royce Gracie seminar that was held at our gym. It was a great experience, but not anything like I had expected, as it was very self-defence orientated. He focused a lot on preventing your opponent from striking you when in the clinch and when you’ve got full guard. So, that’s why I thought the above quote would be appropriate. I’m not going to go into the seminar in great detail, it lasted for two hours, but I would recommend going to these seminars as a white belt if you get the chance. I found that the small details were very good, for example, he showed us how to block your opponent from reaching over your shoulder when sinking in a standing guillotine. Also, a small detail to get the hips higher when doing a sweep from full guard which makes it far easier. These are probably very basic things, but they made the techniques easier for me anyway. He did a Q&A after the seminar as well which I found interesting. I think that it’s beneficial to go to these seminars and you could get a cool photo from one as well.

Happy St.Patricks’s Day ☘️☘️

Keep Training.