That guy who always goes for a submission, no matter what, is a nuisance.

I was back at fundamental class on Tuesday night, it was as follows:


  1. RNC Defence ‘Forward’


  1. Pass and Ezekiel
  2. Twisting the Hip

We practiced the techniques before doing some specific training.

“OK guys, we’re going to start in half guard,” the instructor said. “Person on bottom, try to replace guard or sweep. Person on top, try to get to side control or mount.”

We are practicing the techniques with some resistance, not going full-bore, and we change partners after each round.

“Time,” the instructor shouted. “Change partners, last round.”

Submission Guy is looking right at me. Ah shit. OK, let’s go. I start in bottom position and, sure enough, submission guy isn’t interested in trying to get to side control or mount. He starts attacking straight away. We are at the same level and it’s very even, but I defend and manage to replace guard. Sweet. I go to top position, work one of the techniques that we practiced, and get to mount. Back to bottom position, and during Submission Guy’s attack I’m thinking; why is he not trying the techniques that we’ve been practicing the whole class? He really wants the submission, it will make his day complete, but I don’t want him to have it. I’m defending, until I think I see an opening for a sweep, but I don’t pull if off and leave my arm hanging out too far from my body. He latches onto it, pins it to the mat, and locks in an Americana. Noooooo!!!! It’s locked in deep and I’m forced to tap. I’m back on top again practicing the technique, trying to get to side control, nearly there, almost, and the buzzer sounds for the end of the round.

I know that it’s important to be able to defend against submissions, and that the threat of a submission can be used to get into a good position. But, Submission Guy isn’t interested in getting position, he’s all about the submission. I don’t see the point of practicing these passes throughout the class, just to abandon them when we get the chance to practice them with some resistance. Maybe I’m just whingeing because he made me tap, no matter, whinge over.

Keep training.