“If you worry about the time and speed of your promotions, you lose yourself.”

Saulo Ribeiro

I wanted to put in the above quote because I got promoted to three stripes on Tuesday night. I do try not to worry too much about my ranking and promotions. But, having said that, it’s also good to know that you’re progressing, and that the hard work is leading somewhere. So, moving on, I’m going to write about Thursday nights class. It was as follows:


  1. Double Leg Takedown “Aggro”


  1. Arm Control – Knee Ride
  2. Passing Direct to Mount

The reason that I want to write about this particular class is; I was partnered up with a new guy who was doing his very first class. He was a nice guy, who was really eager to try out the techniques, and wanted to do everything super fast. It reminded me of myself when I first started. I don’t know why, but we seem to think that the faster we do something, the better it is. As I kept training I realised that it’s better, for me anyway, to slow down. Slowly learning the technique, while trying to make the movements smooth, is easier in my eyes. Of course the goal is to be able to do the move quickly in the end, but that takes time. Get the technique right first and slowly build up the speed. There’s no point being able to do a move super fast, if it’s not being done correctly. Just something to keep in mind.

On a side note, it’s funny when I see a new person starting¬†with their Gi wrapped skin-tight and their belt tied really tight. I never wanted my belt to come off during class because I’d have to spend ages tying it again, so I tied it ridiculously tight. And my Gi Pants too, but nobody wants their pants to come down during training. Right?

Keep training.